Currently {9/21/17}

Hey, all. Just popping in with a little update on what’s going on lately, “currently” style…

Sipping: Very hot half-caf Heinen’s coffee. It pairs perfectly with my cold, creamy overnight oats. Mmmmmmm.

Listening (to): The sweet sound of silence. Mike is already at work, Vera is still sleeping soundly. I love mornings like this when the house is quiet and I’m able to enjoy my coffee and breakfast in quiet to start the day.

Reading: I started a new book last night, Forever BeachI only made it a handful of pages in before I passed out – but my inability to stay awake had nothing to do with the book, I swear! I’m actually pretty intrigued already.

Trying (on): I ordered a few things from Fabletics last wee: the Corrine outfit (in the colors shown) and the Elena dress (in black). All great fall options and I’m really hoping they work out.

Anticipating; The weekend, obviously. Between the Cleveland Heart Walk (see you there? or if you can’t attend, please feel free to donate to raise money for the Cleveland AHA) and Vera’s first swimming lesson, it should be busy but fun.

Planning: A lunchtime workout. Last night was a pretty long day so I just couldn’t make the move to get out of bed early enough this morning. I’ll squeeze something in at lunch though.

Coveting: A pretty desk space. Look at this one:


Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Our “home office” (desk and bookcase on the far wall of our basement) needs HELP. It’s just not much of a priority right now. Eventually, eventually.

Standing (at): My desk at work! I finally ordered a standing desk and it is supposed to arrive today. Wahoo! I had one at my old job and miss it so so so much. Especially in the afternoons – the best way I’ve found to get over that afternoon slump is to stand for a little bit :).

Running: Vera is stirring so I’m off to get her breakfast ready….ciao!



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