Last week’s workouts + next week’s meal plan 9

Happy first day of Fall! Everything seems a bit out of whack because it’s been over 80 degrees most of the week but indeed the leaves are changing colors so we know sweaters, boots and snow are just around the corner. In truth, I love this time of year through the holiday season. It all just feels so festive! I’m getting ahead of myself though 🙂 Let’s stick with a recap of last week’s workouts and sharing my meal plan for next week, huh?


Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: 30-minute treadmill workout –> It had been awhile (all summer/spring?? I prefer to run outside when it’s nice) since I hopped on the treadmill so my intervals felt TOUGH and I was drenched with sweat after. Felt pretty good though 🙂

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rise Nation Level 2 class (aka sweatfest)

Monday: Yoga workout –> I know, so weird! But I was in the mood, possibly because I was feeling really sore and tight after Sunday’s class

Tuesday: Bodyweight cardio + kickboxing cardio interval workout (at-home video)

Wednesday: Rest (although…I played in a sand volleyball tournament at work)

Thursday: 25 minutes of cardio at lunchtime + 20 minutes of gentle yoga before bed

Next week’s meal plan: 

Monday: Turkey veggie meatloaf (will make over the weekend) + baked potatoes in the slow cooker

Tuesday: Italian sausage + peppers (slow cooker)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Slow cooker enchilada quinoa

Friday: Leftovers

I am trying something a little different next week….making three bigger meals that we eat multiple times. We’ll see how it goes.

Have a great weekend!



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