Weekend highlights: La La Land, the Cleveland Heart Walk + our first swim class

Hello, how are you? Things are good over here. Our weekend was a good combo of fun activities and relaxation time, which is just how a weekend should be. Feel free to share a highlight or two from your weekend!


  • Girls’ night: Mike was out with a friend on Friday evening so it was just us girls. We did the usual: bubbles, Ring around the Rosy, blocks, cars, etc. Even some cuddling.


Actually Vera was quite tired and pretty much only wanted to relax after dinner. I managed to keep her awake until about 6:30 but she clearly was ready for bed.

  • La La Land: After I put her down, I took the opportunity to (do my laundry and) watch La La Land, a movie Mike wouldn’t find interesting. I liked it quite a bit – but I like somewhat cheesy, romatic movies and musicals. The ending was bittersweet, which left me a little disappointed but also reflective.


  • Cleveland Heart Walk! My day kicked off early (but dark) with the Cleveland Heart Walk. As a reminder, I was asked to be a Cleveland Heart Walk ambassador. I was not compensated and the views here are my own, but I did partner with the Cleveland American Heart Association to promote the Cleveland Heart Walk. I was out the door at 6:30 am for sunrise yoga on the Mall.


Judi Bar from the Cleveland Clinic led us through a gentle 50-minutes sessions. It was a good stretch but I prefer more invigorating practices. With that in mind, I decided to join in on the CycleBar ride, which was courtesy of CycleBar in Beachwood.


Well, invigorating was what I wanted and, boy, was it what I got. It was a 50-minute ride and the instructors definitely did not take it easy on us. I’ve never been so grateful for anything as I was for the cold, wet (lavendar-infused) towels they provided to us at the end. 🙂

My time at the Heart Walk event wrapped up with a quick meetup with a few other bloggers (Jen from Why CLE? and Alicia from Always Alicia) to take some photos.


(Short people problems…)

A huge thanks to the Cleveland American Heart Association for including me in the festivities – what an awesome, fitness- and health-focused event!

  • …swim class! I had no idea how this was going to go…..Vera is lukewarm about the bath and also does not immediately warm up in new environments and to new people. However, after some wariness…


…I’m happy to report that she did AWESOME. The girl loved it. (That face though…such a serious little girl.)

I think it helped that my friend was there with her son…who was not afraid of anything and turned out to be a good role model for Vera. Also, the instructor led us through some songs first, including several of Vera’s current favorites (Wheels on the Bus, Ring Around the Rosy). So we had a great time!


Thank goodness, because we have 6 or 7 more weeks of this, haha 🙂

  • Quiet afternoon. Vera barely made it awake through lunch before she passed out hard for two hours. I’d love to tell you I did something productive, but I definitely napped a little, too. Once we were all up, we laid low – playtime, dinner, more playtime, bedtime. A perfect afternoon/evening!


  • Meal prep. After we all had breakfast, I got to work on meal prepping. I made Oatmeal Pear Muffins for Vera and the meatloaf for tomorrow’s dinner, and I chopped peppers for Tuesday. Woop woop!
  • Not-art time. Vera has a coloring board that wipes clean and, while she does like to color on it, the part that’s more fun for her is cleaning it up.


What can I say…she’s my kid 🙂

  • Family time. We headed over to my in-laws’ house in the early afternoon and then my parents awhile later. She did bubbles, water, ball-playing, train-driving and more with her various playmates, plus she ate lots of good food…oh and she did enjoy some actual coloring (however, she liked taking the crayons in and out of the case more though).


Playing in the water can be exhausting…especially when it’s so hot!


And here’s a photo of my guy and me, just because 🙂


And that’s a wrap. Happy Monday!




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