Pumping, pumping

Hey hey! For today, I just wanted to stop in to share my latest two-part series on SheintheCle.com, all about pumping. .


Photo by Andrew Branch on Unsplash

Actually, it’s meant to be more for bosses and coworkers of working moms who are pumping at work. I hope it helps us all understand more the demands of pumping so we can be more accommodating. As I say in the post, the pumping moms I know bend over backward to be as flexible and unintrusive with their pumping as possible so it would be nice to have understanding and support as well.

Part 1 is a ‘Pumping 101’ of sorts, while Part 2 contains some actionable ideas for actively being more supprotive.

Hope you hop over there to take a read – and let me know your experience pumping at work. Did you have a supportive environment? Or were you stressed out trying to make it all work?


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