Favorites from the week + latest Fabletics haul {Sept. 2017}

Hey guys. Hope you are having a fantastic week. We had a rough start with some toddler teething but things turned around a little yesterday. A little. ūüôā Vera and I took the afternoon off to visit family and we had a really nice day. Anyway, today I’m sharing a quick update from the week and then more about my latest Fabletics haul.

A few things from the week.

Playhouse Square Broadway Series Season Tickets. 


They’re heeeeeeeere. And let’s zoom in on this one, shall we?


I know I have to wait until next summer but it will be worth it. And Waitress is in November, and I am probably equally as excited about that one.

Seriously though, I’ve been going to the theater at least once a year with my grandma, mom and aunt for as long as I can remember….so finally getting season tickets (courtesy of my 30th birthday) feels appropriate…and it will be a blast.

Pampering: After getting iced by my moody toddler on Tuesday morning (she was calling for me while I threw dinner in the slow cooker, then¬†refused to acknowledge¬†my existence¬†when I picked her up, and then cried when I put her down to leave) and taking a bite of a moldy snack at work — I decided to practice the art of #treatyoself and went out for a lunchtime pedicure.

I went with a deep purple color, which tells me I’m ready for fall even if it’s been in the 90s all week.


And yes I chipped it on the drive back to work.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Speaking of fall, YES and I all about pumpkin spice. However, I am a little picky about which pumpkin-flavored things I enjoyed. The artificially flavored pumpkin spice k-cups at work? Blech. Most pumpkin granola bars. Ugh. And I prefer the pumpkin spice chai latte over the regular one at Starbucks, FYI. #upgrade.

These muffins, though, definitely make the Love List. They are spicy, not too sweet (I use half the amount of maple syrup or honey (you can use either) the recipe calls for) and Рwait for it Рgood. for. you. They are why pumpkin spice is a thing. Make them now. (PS very toddler-friendly (and baby friendly if you use maple syrup) РVera loves them, and since they are filling and oh yeah PUMPKIN IS A VEGETABLE, I love serving one of these muffins to her as a snack.)

Recent Books. I finished Forever Beach over the weekend and loved it. It lived up to my initial praise about it and then some. I ended up searching for another Shelley Noble book to read and decided on Beach Colors, which I’m now about halfway through (and, ahem, stayed up way too late reading the other night….oops). It’s a little lighter, which I definitely need after¬†Forever Beach¬†(that one is about foster kids and goes into some heartwrenching detail that also makes me want to foster¬†allthekids) and the book I read prior,¬†Those Who Save Us¬†(it’s¬†about WWII, I wrote more about it here).

Posts.¬†Did you check out my recap of the pumping content I’ve written lately? I also came clean about how I get Vera to eat broccoli (it’s not what you think).

Latest Fabletics haul. 

As I mentioned last week, I ordered some new stuff from Fabletics. It’s one of my favorite places to shop – I’ve loved (and still do) everything I’ve ever bought from there. Seriously.

Here are my thoughts on my latest goodies:

  • The Corrine outfit:
    • Cashel Hoodie in Shadow: Super comfy, light but warm, thumb holes, fitted but not skin tight. Checks all my boxes. And it’s such a pretty color. Win.¬†
    • Salar Capri in¬†Terracotta Painted Camo:¬†Win, obviously. The Salar crop is one of my favorite workout pieces (I already own it in two other colors). This one is kind of a fun print…”camo” scares me but it’s not too overt and the pretty color helps.
  • The Elena dress in Black Heather: oh man, you guys….this dress!! It’s so warm and cozy, loose but not baggy, stylish (not the pockets and, not sure if you can see, has a zipper detail on the side by the thigh) but simple.¬†Win.¬†Aaand I kind of want it in olive green, too.

Phew, OK – that’s enough for today, yeah? See ya tomorrow for some workouts and meal plans. Have a great day!




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