Weekend highlights: finally fall – for now

Morning! Hope everyone’s weekend was a good one. Fall finally settled in – for a few days anyway, I’m seeing some 80-degree days in the forecast – and I’m personally glad for the change as we were able to spend hours outside without suffering under the sweltering sun.

Vera has been making noises off and on this morning – she has a little cold – so I better get to recapping the weekend before she wakes up for good…


After a skipped workout Friday morning (the batteries in our carbon monoxide detector died in the middle of the night so we were up for a little bit trying to make the chirping stop – arrrgh!), I decided to get out for a little fresh air and light exercise with Vera after work. It was a cool but sunny afternoon – perfect! We walked/jogged for about two miles before stopping at the park. It was exactly the right way to kick off the weekend.


And yes, her funny face is BACK.


Cameo by this mama’s death grip because Vera likes to peer over the edge of the bench swing. 

We arrived home shortly before Mike, enjoyed a hodgepodge dinner of leftovers and takeout, and tackled bathtime.


Our Saturday started off quiet, which is good by me. We played a lot, watched a little soccer,


and read about Mickey’s Halloween.


After an hour or so of naptime for Vera, we jetted out the door for swim lessons. It was another successful endeavor despite some initial hesitation. She even let my friend hold her for awhile in the pool, which completely surprised me!

Once we were back home, it was time for lunch, play and nap again.

Our afternoon consisted of plenty of time outside. We took a trip to the park, went for a walk and then played in our driveway alternating between her soccer ball and bubbles. We eventually headed inside for dinner. It was the perfect low-key fall afternoon.


It was another slow morning around here with a leisurely breakfast and playtime. Check out these pajamas though…they kill me:


When Vera went down for her morning nap, I launched into meal prep mode:

  • Turkey veggie bake: Browned turkey, cooked pasta and cauliflower, and assembled the casserole for Monday’s dinner.
  • Tomato soup: Roasted tomatoes, red bell peppers, onion and garlic for Tuesday’s dinner.
  • Breakfast prep for me.

I was also going to bake muffins but realized I was out of a couple key ingredients, womp womp.

Since Vera was still sleeping, I headed out for a solo 5-mile run! The weather was PERFECT running weather. I think I had a smile on my face the whole time. I felt good, even though I haven’t been running a whole lot in the last couple of weeks. Running is the best.

Our afternoon consisted of family visits and playtime, which totally wore Vera out as she fell asleep on the drive home and only woke up long enough to be put into her pajamas. Ok then!

After she went down, I cleaned the house, folded and put away laundry, and did a little yoga stretching, before I settled back in with Modern Romance, which I started over the weekend. It’s pretty interesting and quite funny!

And that’s a wrap. Cheers to Monday!




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