Weekend highlights: Go Tribe + Happy (early) Halloween

Hello, hello. Ah, back to the grind today. Hope your weekend was a good one! We had a good combination of fun and relaxing, so let’s get to the recap:


I was offered free last-minute tickets to the Tribe game (ALDS Game #2) from work, so we scrambled to find child care to make it happen (thanks to my in-laws, woop!). I got to spend a coupld hours with Vera after I got off work and it was glorious.

She was doing this thing where she would play with my hair and then reach around my back to give me a hug. I mean….just the cutest!

Anyways, my in-laws arrived shortly after Mike got home from work, and we headed out quickly. We got to our seats at the top of the second inning and had already missed some action, but it turns out….there was plenty of action left!


The game lasted FIVE HOURS. Phew. It was worth it….’cause the Indians won with a walk-off in the 13th inning. Woohoo! Besides the game itself, we had a lot of fun – excellent date night 🙂



Since we stayed out so late at the Indians game on Friday (old lady alert!), Saturday started off slow – and actually stayed that way for the most part. After breakfast, we bummed around for awhile while Vera read with Mike…


…and wandered around in my shoes saying “bye bye.” (I think she might be pretending she is me going to work? haha 🙂


Later, Vera and I went to the park, played with her soccer ball and then went for a walk.

We arrived back home a few minutes after Mike returned from the grocery store (back off ladies – he’s mine), and then we all headed out for swim lessons. Vera did great again and she liked having her dada there. 🙂

Once we got home, it was lunchtime and then Vera was ready to nap. She slept a little over two hours – gotta love those swimming lessons 🙂 And yes, I napped, too.

We went back to the park as a family late in the afternoon and came home for dinner of homemade whole-wheat cinnamon waffles…random but it hit the spot! Vera went to bed, MIke and I did some chores and then plopped on the couch to read (me) and watch TV (Mike). Very exciting 🙂


I got up well before my crew to fit in a workout and enjoy a quiet breakfast while starting this post. It’s definitely my preferred way to start the day. We had another quiet morning with coloring and painting…


…and running, singing and playing with stuffed animals..

During Vera’s nap, I prepped her oatmeal and made a double batch of my favorite healthy pumpkin muffins. Woop!

Later, we headed out to see family…and had a special event on the agenda!


Celebrating an early Halloween! We went to the Holden Arboretum’s Goblins in the Garden with Mike’s parents, brother and the girls. It was such a cute little, family-friendly Halloween event with little kids running around in costume everywhere! There were trick-or-treat stations, wagon rides, a maze, playgrounds for kids of all sizes, crafts, and food and drink. Oh, and I convinced (bribed) Mike to dress up, too, completing our little Oktoberfest family 🙂


My nieces dressed up like cowgirls and all the girls had fun playing together,


strolling along the paths,


and checking out the wagon ride.


We took a food break there as well…naturally.


We went over to my parents afterward to hang out for a bit. Mike and I left Vera there to sleep over and came home to….do some more chores. Very exciting. Lots of cleaning, straightening up and general adulting took place. Wow. 🙂

OK since that ending was kind of despressing, haha, here’s one more picture of Vera in her dirndl:


Have a great Monday!



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