Weekend highlights: a quiet weekend

Hey there! We had a blissfully quiet weekend, which Mike and I were both craving. Quality family time, relaxation, silliness…we had it all. Here’s a few highlights:


We kicked off the weekend with some outdoor playtime on Friday afternoon until Mike came home. Then it was dinner and Vera was off to bed shortly after that. Reading/TV time followed.


We made a quick family trip to the eye doctor for some glasses adjustments. We had some extra time before swimming so we sat outside while Vera snacked on a cracker.


Aforementioned silliness. 🙂


Vera did really well at swimming lessons this week. Usually, she likes to sit on my lap in the shallow kids’ area, but this time she was walking around like a pro.


After lunch, we cuddled for a bit until Vera was just too tired to go on 🙂 She took a 2.5-hour nap – woo! – while Mike and I ate, cleaned up and rested ourselves. The rest of the afternoon was spent with a walk to the park to check out the river, dinner, more playtime, laundry and further relaxing once the kiddo was down.


Sunday started off early thanks to teething but as the smile above indicates all was OK until her early nap. I squeezed in a workout while she was asleep. Once everyone was up and dressed, we headed out to my in-laws.


Vera’s cousins were there which of course she (and I) loved. Mike’s sister was also in town! A delicious meal and dessert topped off the day. Then we headed to my parents for some more playtime. Vera had dinner there and played with bubbles.

And that’s a wrap!



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