Weekend highlights: laying low

Hello, hello. Happy Monday….and welcome to the last few days of October. Eek! I am pretty excited for the holiday season to get here, I won’t lie. But in the meantime, we have a weekend to recap…

…and well…there isn’t much to say. Vera was still battling the lingering symptoms of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease so we stuck close to home and took it easy. Luckily the weather – rainy and cold for most of the weekend – matched our mood to hunker down 🙂


Vera stayed home from daycare again and hung out with my dad and mom. Once I got home from work, we spent the afternoon playing outside and then – because that totally wore her out, poor thing – watching some Sesame Street until Mike came home. Dinner, bath and then right to bed for our little miss sicky.

Saturday: After breakfast, I headed out to the grocery store and to get a haircut while Mike and Vera played at home. We decided to skip swimming lessons since she still wasn’t 100%. Later in the day, after Vera’s nap, we headed out for a girls’ trip to Old Navy and Target. I had some returns to make, needed diapers…and of course purchased a few holiday outfits for Vera.


Vera hadn’t been out of the house all week really, so we thought it would be good for her. She did great – and got all excited anytime we passed Minnie Mouse or Elmo in Target, haha. It definitely wore her out though, because, after a light dinner and bathtime, she wanted to go to bed early.


I got up early to squeeze in a quick workout before everyone else was up. We didn’t do much after breakfast besides play. Vera went down earlyish for her nap, while Mike and I cleaned and organized. Very exciting.

Once we were all showered and ready, we headed out for a wake and then to my parents for pasta. Despite some tummy issues still present – hello, diaper blowout + changing her in the trunk! – Vera definitely showed signs of being better…she was pretty social at the wake and then ate A TON of pasta, meatballs and sausage — all food that had been bothering her mouth (HFM = sores in her mouth) all week.

So I think it’s safe to say, we are nearly through with our HFM battle over here, after more than a week….but now I have a sore throat….argh!

How was your weekend?


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