Weekend highlights: day off, WAITRESS!!!, and Daylight Saving Time

Hello, hello. Hope you had a great weekend! Ours was nice although I don’t have many specifics to share. I was recovering from my trip – and I picked up a cold, which wasn’t fun. But here are a few highlights…


After my long travel week, I stayed home on Friday. My plan was to send Vera to daycare in the morning so I could catch up on laundry, emails, etc. and then pick her up at noon for mommy and Vera time. Well, I did three loads of laundry but had no energy to do much else in the morning thanks to my cold so I decided to listen to my body and rest –> Hallmark Christmas movies, FTW!

I did pick Vera up at noon as planned but she hadn’t napped yet so once we got home and she ate a snack that she requested, I put her down and she ended up sleeping for THREE HOURS. Sheesh! I got some more rest, too, and by the time she was up, it was 4 pm….so much for our mommy and Vera afternoon! Well, we did get to spend an hour or so playing and laughing until Mike got home with takeout from Aladdin’s – Vera ate six grape leaves. I actually meant to order the smaller serving of diwali for her but got the wrong one….good thing because she ate it all herself plus some of my chicken from my salad. Glad to see her appetite is back after being sick the previous week!


Our Saturday was blissfully quiet. After playing hard in the morning, we went to swimming lessons. Vera took a two-hour nap after lunch so I got some more rest – I was feeling a little better but still not great. Then Mike and I (Vera was not much help ;)) started the long overdue task of cleaning out our guest room, which is more like a junk room. Arrgh. We made some progress though. Later we made homemade whole-wheat cinnamon waffles for Vera’s dinner (and to stock the freezer), which she ate with leftover takeout grilled chicken (chicken and waffles – get it?), and homemade salsa for Mike and me. Yum!


Our Sunday was fairly typical at first – starting with playing, soccer and family. I snuck out for a 1.5-mile run…but then it started to rain and I didn’t want to be out in the rain with my cold. I opted to head inside and finish up with a 20-minute yoga workout. It was actually a good combination – my legs were super warm from the run so I got even more stretching and burning from that workout than usual, and I got a little heart rate spike from the run after a few days of rest.


My mother-in-law made lasagna and Vera devoured a giant piece all by herself – she was supposed to split it with Mike! Silly girl.

But then my mom picked me up and we went with my grandma and aunt to see Waitress! It was a FANTASTIC show – the music, the comedy, the storyline…everything. I loved it! Before the show, we went to dinner at Cibreo, which was delicious as always.

Unfortunately, when I arrived home late in the evening, Vera was pretty upset – she went down to bed OK (we kept her up until her normal bedtime but it was really an hour later because of the time change) but must have been overtired because she woke up and started to get all upset. Mike had been trying everything for a couple hours until I got home…and then I tried everything to relax her, calm her, get her to go to sleep….to no avail. Eventually, of course, she did fall asleep – but the poor thing will probably be wiped out today. Hopefully, though, she’ll sleep in a bit and start to get back on schedule. Needless to say, DST is my enemy. 🙂

Have a great week!


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