Recent highlights: weekend away, week off + Thanksgiving

Oh hi, guys! It’s been a hot minute, huh? Well here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to…


Last Friday – the one BEFORE Thanksgiving – Vera’s daycare teachers gave her a ponytail…haha such a cute but pathetic attempt. She’s working on that hair but we have a long way to go. I have a feeling that ponytail up, soccer ball at her feet will be happening a lot in our future though 🙂


I left the next morning for a quick trip to DC to visit my friend and meet and snuggle her baby boy, Ryder. He’s the sweetest. I had a blast – doing not much of anything :). My friend Lisa and I got to go out for dinner on Saturday night – it was amazing to catch up and talk momhood and life. Sunday we all went for runs – I did 3 hilly miles – and my friends went out for a date lunch while I hung out with the kiddo.


Oh darn 😉 He slept most of the time so my job was cake. In between eating, running and baby snuggles, we took it easy, which is just what this mama needed!


This is what Vera, Dada and Elmo were up to while I was away 🙂 I arrived home at 9 am Monday morning and we spent the rest of the day swapping furniture with my in-laws and organizing around the house.


On Tuesday afternoon, Vera and I ventured out to the library for some playtime and to check out some books. I took her there once before but this time she was a few months older and MUCH more into everything. Win!


Our Wednesday afternoon adventure was a trip to the Children’s Museum! It recently reopened and it was AWESOME. I wasn’t 100% sure it was going to be good for Vera’s age (almost 18 months) but she had a blast. Yes she was one of the few her age and it was teaming with older kids, but she held her own.



She loved the farmer’s market area in particular as well as the rope climb (with help) 🙂


On Thanksgiving morning, I ran a 5-mile turkey trot with my sister-in-law and her husband. It was cold but a nice day actually. I went slow and steady and it was a good time!


My active little toddler wouldn’t let me get a great picture of her in her Thanksgiving outfit, so this is the best I could do (getting ready to put a headband on Brown Bear). But I had to share because the dress and tights came in her Mac & Mia bundle, which we loved! I would definitely do it again but probably only for special occasions.


The highlight of Thanksgiving for my little turkey was this life-size Minnie Mouse doll her cousin brought over. I’m pretty sure Vera’s mind was blown 🙂 We had a great holiday overall though – dinner at my grandma’s with my dad’s side of the family and then a quick stop at Mike’s aunt’s house for dessert.


Our Black Friday was pretty low key – I started the day with online shopping, we tackled the Christmas decorating and goofed around 🙂 Then we took Vera to my parents’ house for a sleepover while Mike and I were at a Murder Mystery party with Mike’s family and our friends. I’ve never done anything like that before and it was entertaining!


The next morning, Mike and I took advantage of being child free for the morning and went out to breakfast at Jack Flaps. I tried the Apple Bourbon waffle and holy yum was it delicious! Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the morning on the couch with a headache, but the upside is that I got to watch a couple Hallmark Christmas movies 🙂 I picked Vera up around noon and we made baked veggie risotto for dinner and finished decorating the tree that night.

Sunday morning, Vera and I ventured out to a couple actual stores – I know! – to do some quick Christmas shopping. In the afternoon, we went to my in-laws’ and then my parents’ – as usual.

In between all that, we took photos of Vera for our Christmas cards – woop! – baked muffins for Vera, cleaned the house (me) and winterized the yard (Mike). Workout wise, in addition to my DC and Turkey Day runs, and I ran another 4 miles, did several rounds of a yoga workout to balance out all that running, and yesterday, started my day with kickboxing.

All in all it’s been a great week-plus, and while it’s tough getting back to the grind today, I am feeling refreshed and have a full heart.

Hope you’re feeling the same!




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