Weekend highlights: car seat swap, Christmas cookies and the Supermoon

Hello and good morning! Welcome back to Monday 🙂 I’m just stopping in this morning with a few quick highlights from our weekend, which had us tackling a very important tradition of the holiday season!


Friday was low-key around here as it usually is. The special part is that Mike’s work has holiday hours, so I came home to Vera and her Dada already in play mode!


We have a couple soft ornaments that Vera loves to play with, and she was also enjoying playing with her new convertible car seat before we installed it. (We loved the Chicco KeyFit 30 we’ve been using in my car up until now buuuuuut she has outgrown it (length is up to 30 inches) so we sort of were scrambling – thank goodness for Amazon Prime!) We have another Safety 1st for Mike’s car and like it a lot though.

Another perk was that we snuck in a little outside time since the weather was mild. We got takeout from Aladdin’s for dinner because we’re predictable like that and Vera crashed hard at her usual bedtime – daycare wears her out by the end of the week 🙂


After a morning play session, an early nap for the kiddo, and a 20-minute cardio interval session for me, Vera and I were off to my aunt’s house to bake Christmas cookies. We do this every year with my mom and grandma 🙂


Vera and I were late because of her nap, and we got there around 11.

We baked a lot of cookies and Vera had fun running around with Avery, a preschool-aged kiddo that was there. I think Vera’s favorite part of baking is getting to wear an apron…


(outfit change courtesy of a diaper leak)

but she did help me with my gingerbread cookies 🙂


She also got her first taste of sugar with a couple handfuls of sprinkles but showed no interest in the cookies.

We stayed until about 4 pm, which is all my tired little monkey could take. We got Vera home, fed her dinner, had bathtime and then she was ready to pass out.

Oh and I have to share this one last photo because doesn’t it look like her hands are in first position (ballet) while she is playing with her tutu?


Wishful thinking maybe 🙂


I managed to bake a double batch of whole-wheat pumpkin muffins that Vera seems to love and sneak out for a 3-mile run in the morning. After Vera’s early nap, we went to see Mike’s parents and then mine. I think the combo of two early nap days and lots of play time – she runs around like CRAZY with her older cousins nowadays and it’s adorable – really wore her out. Poor thing barely made it until it was time for us to leave my parents’ house and then passed out immediately in the car. Poor Vera. We then tried to show her the supermoon when we got home because she has been OBSESSED with the moon lately, but she was a little too groggy. It took a little longer than usual, but eventually, we got Vera settled and sleeping soundly.

And that’s a wrap. Have a great week!



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