Vera’s news

Hi there! Vera has something to tell all of you…


…she’s going to be a big sister!

That’s right, we’re getting a dog!!!

JUST KIDDING, I’m pregnant! The new baby is supposed to arrive sometime around May 22, 2018. We’re all kinds of excited over here – Vera even likes giving my belly kisses 🙂

Oh and yes there is a big belly already, even though I’m only 16 weeks pregnant (as of Monday). #secondpregnancyproblems #smallpersonproblems

As to how it’s going….I’ve felt pretty terrible almost every day for the last 11 weeks. Constant nausea, lots of dry heaving – and, just when I thought “hey at least I’m not bone tired like last time around,” BAM, fatigue hit. (I was tired but not at all sick during my first pregnancy.) However, the last few days I haven’t felt all that bad….so I am cautiously optimistic that I’m finally hitting the second-trimester stride.

My workouts have remained completely consistent – it’s the only time I didn’t feel like puking, haha. Running has felt great but so has, surprisingly, yoga, thus the spike in yoga workouts and stretching.

Meal planning has been a different story….most food makes me want to cry, so it’s been very touch and go over here. We’ve made it work though – thank goodness for Banza and lentil pasta so I don’t feel guilty about all the mac and cheese Vera is eating 🙂

That’s all for today…more to come on this, I’m sure 🙂



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