Weekly workout recap!

Hello, welcome to Friday! How are you? How was your week? It was kind of a blur for me with a morning Board meeting, evening Board meeting, transition week at daycare (younger toddler room, here we come!) and Vera coming down with something that kept her up most of Wednesday night. Thankfully the kiddo seemed much better yesterday evening and I’m heading into the weekend feeling good as well – going on a week of feeling better with this pregnancy and juuuust starting to feel like maybe it’s not a fluke :).

Onto last week’s workouts…


Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: Total body strength at the gym

Saturday: 20-minute cardio intervals

Sunday: 3-mile run

Monday: 15-minute treadmill walk (w/inclines), weighted strength and yoga stretch combo –> this was totally random but exactly what I needed! I alternated weighted traditional strength moves with some of my favorite yoga stretches. My body was pretty tired, probably from skipping my usual rest day Saturday so it felt good to move this way.

Tuesday: Cardio Ballet Barre (at-home video –> a new-to-me one that I now love for a low-impact but still serious workout option…and it torched my arms after the weights yesterday)

Wednesday: Rest (much needed!)

Thursday: Cardio kickboxing (at-home video)

Have a great weekend!


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