Weekend highlights: Santa, baby + Sick baby

Phew, another weekend in the books! I’m a little worn out and pressed for time, so let’s get right into a few highlights:


After a few days of transitioning into the next room up at daycare, Vera was pretty tired on Friday afternoon. We kept things pretty low key with our usual playtime and Aladdin’s takeout for dinner. Nothing too exciting but here’s a cute picture of Vera from the day:


I feel like she is trying to tell me something Very Serious and Important in this picture 🙂


On Saturday I was up bright and early to do some writing and other things. Vera got up around 7…and it turned out the poor girl had thrown up overnight but didn’t make any noise so we didn’t know. Ugh. We got her cleaned up and fed her some breakfast, which she devoured and kept down before running around like crazy.

So we took a chance and kept our plans to visit Santa at the place my dad worked for many years and retired from. We waited in line for awhile and tried to distract Vera with pictures and the holiday decor.


She’s been doing that cute face where she’s like half smiling, half trying to pretend like she’s not smiling.


She looks so PISSED in this photo but I don’t remember her acting like that, haha. 

Once we got up to Santa, she was intrigued but said no when I asked if she wanted to sit with him. I didn’t push her, but we managed to get a decent picture.


Then we opened her present from Santa…



A toy car shaped like a hippo – it’s like he knew what would make her happy! 

…but the highlight of Vera’s morning was getting to meet Slider.


And touching his nose.


I know most kids are supposed to be afraid of Slider but she kept calling after him once he walked away. Such a goof!

We got home and Vera refused lunch and then slept for two hours. I used the time to watch Hallmark movies while Mike went grocery shopping 🙂

Vera and I popped out to the library for a bit after her nap and she had a blast, but things went south when we got home. She was super fussy all throughout dinner – she had some pasta but Mike and I had a killer salmon with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. We enjoyed it even while tending to a sad, sick toddler.

Vera ended up going to bed super early so I used the time to clean the house and get some reading in.


Vera slept a solid (puke-free) 12 hours, which was a welcome surprise. 🙂 Morning playtime included giving Mike his birthday present (it’s today but weekdays are always so hectic around here). Happy Birthday to the best guy 🙂

During Vera’s nap, I did 20 minutes of a yoga workout plus 10 minutes of cardio. I knew I wanted to workout but wasn’t feeling well – pregnancy stuff – so I also wanted to keep things light. This combination was perfect! My naptime activities also included folding laundry and ironing – woohoo!

I also managed to do a little meal prepping as well – I know! I cooked up some oatmeal for Vera to freeze and chopped veggies for tonight’s split pea soup.

Our Sunday afternoon was spent with Mike’s family celebrating his birthday and then visiting my parents.

Overall we managed to have a good weekend despite a toddler not feeling her best. 🙂





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