Pregnancy check-in: 18 weeks

I think I am finally over the first trimester and flu hump, fingers crossed, and I’m feeling well enough to start blogging more again. I thought weekly pregnancy check-ins would be fun 🙂


Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

I hit 18 weeks on Monday. According to my What to Expect app, the baby should be 5 ounces, but at our anatomy scan/ultrasound on Monday, the technician said our kiddo is already clocking in at 8 ounces! She said it was a normal weight but that was still funny to us.

As far as my own weight gain, it’s been a little all over the place. I was still nursing when I got pregnant and had been a little under my pre-first pregnancy weight because of the nursing. I think the end of nursing impacted my weight as well as this being a second pregnancy so everything is happening faster. Then, I got the flu and could hardly eat for a week, so I lost some. I don’t know how much I weigh right now but the doctor keeps telling me I’m right on track so that’s all that matters.

Cravings are still all over the place. Things that always sound good include toast and almost anything cheesey. Other cravings I’ve had pretty consistently are pasta with red sauce and graham crackers. Aversions seem to be subsiding. For a while, it was almost everything. Now it’s pretty much Mexican food, some meats (I picked around the turkey from last night’s turkey veggie pasta bake – ew) and some cooked veggies if they are too soggy. 
Other symptoms… occasional nauseau still.  I’ve been tired the last couple weeks because I haven’t been sleeping well. I can get comfortable (with three pillows) but it takes a lot of effort to turn over and my mind is generally in a state or racing, awake or asleep.
Workouts were going pretty well until I got the flu. I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things though. I’m going to have to start breaking out my support band though! HIIT workouts seem to be the best because I get a chance to catch my breath during the recovery periods. Running has felt great althought it’s been a couple weeks – any snow/ice means no outdoor running for me. I’m also anxious to get back to the gym – between the flu and a busy last couple weeks, I’ve done all my working out at home.
I do feel the baby’s movements occasionally. I actually felt them REALLY early…10.5 weeks. At first I wasn’t 100% sure and then at 11 weeks when I was on my 4-hour plane ride to Vegas, I felt it moving like crazy. It’s still somewhat sporadic because the baby is so small. I have been a little anxious about it but talked to my doctor and she reminded me that it’s normal at this stage because of the size of the baby. I am remembering when I was like 25 or 30 weeks preggo and could feel every movement the baby makes! So it’s all good – but I sure do love getting kicked 🙂
As I mentioned, we had our anatomy scan on Monday. It was so reassuring to hear that everything looks great and is developing nicely. We also found out we’re having a BOY! I honestly would have been very shocked if it was a girl because I had my suspicions, but otherwise, no, we didn’t have a preference.
That’s all for today! I think my toddler is ready to get up, so I gotta jet!

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  1. Valerie says:

    Happy 18 weeks! And congratulations on having a little boy!! 😀
    Oh, yuck – I’m sorry you had the flu. Glad you’re feeling better.


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