Last two week’s of workouts – sick and recovering

Well good morning and happy Christmas weekend to you! The festivites really do kick off for me today with another work party and then a family party tonight. Yay!


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I almost didn’t share this workout recap, because there aren’t very many workouts to speak of. But I thought it might be interesting to some to see how I come back from having the flu (even IF I didn’t realize it was the flu until the end :).

Besides the sickness, my workout schedule has been all over the place for the last month or so with early morning meetings and otherwise, and there’s no hope for getting things somewhat in order until the new year. But I’m fitting them in where I can based on how I’m feeling, and that is all that counts. It doesn’t matter where you workout or how you get that heart rate up or if it’s just 20 minutes – JUST DO IT! You’ll feel better, I promise 🙂

OK, without further ado…

Last two weeks of workouts: 

Friday: 10-minute HIIT video x3 (for a 30-minute total workout)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 20-minute cardio intervals

Monday: 20-minuta yoga workout + 10-minute cardio session

Tuesday: Half of a cardio kickboxing video….this is when I started coming down with the flu although I just felt really tired and didn’t understand why. It’s unlike me to bail in the middle of a workout, so I should have known something was up 🙂

Wednesday: Rest – sick

Thursday: Rest – sick

Friday: Rest – sick

Saturday: Rest – sick

Sunday: Rest – sick

Monday: 20-minute cardio intervals

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: HIIT Cardio and Core at-home video

Thursday: Rest – accidentally. I had planned to take an evening pregnancy workout class but then Mike left work early with flu-like symptoms – UGH – so I had to be home to manage Vera. Oh well, I think my body appreciated the extra rest.

Have a great weekend and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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