Our Christmas vacation so far

Happy…Friday…? Yes, yes, it’s Friday. I’m the cliche of not knowing what day it is since I’ve been off work for about a week now. I wanted to share a little bit about what we’ve been up to since last Friday…

I had to work the Friday before Christmas but it was an easy day with a Christmas party and I was home a little after 1 pm. Mike’s work was closed though, which worked out because Vera was pretty sick. She had a fever and was very fussy. It was a little stressful, and Vera and I had to miss Christmas with Mike’s dad’s side of the family that night, but she made a pretty quick recovery for Christmas Eve so it was all good.


Playing dress up in my shirt on Christmas Eve. 

Speaking of Christmas Eve, my parents, brother and brother’s girlfriend came over in the morning for a brunch. We served baked oatmeal (I loosely followed this recipe), whole-wheat pumpkin waffles and breakfast chicken sausage. We exchanged gifts and let Vera entertain us. It was a relaxing, cozy celebration!

After Vera’s nap, the three of us headed out to Mike’s family’s annual Christmas Eve celebration, which is a big extended family blowout with great aunts, second and third cousins and more. It’s quite the affair! It’s always nice to see everyone and Vera had a blast with her aunts, and little and big cousins.

Our Christmas morning was pretty quiet, just the three of us at home opening gifts and playing…which is the way it should be!


Vera got about halfway through opening her gifts from Santa before getting distracted by the Elmo stickers she received…and then totally lost interest in anything else. Haha.

In the early afternoon, we were off to my mother-in-law’s for a delicious Christmas meal and family time. We ended the day with a stop to see my grandma and parents.

Tuesday was all about organzing the chaos. We put away all the Christmas stuff – including the tree – and made a family run to Target to pick up a few more organizing bins.


We put together a few of Vera’s toys, including this easel, and packed up some of the “baby” toys. She also got to play with this pasta set that Santa brought her. 🙂


I declared Wednesday my relax day. This mama went out in the morning for an amazing prenatal massage and we spent the rest of the day taking it easy (and hibernating, brrr!) at home…with stickers, lots of stickers.


Thursday, Mike and I spent most of the day out on a day date! While my mom hung out with Vera, we spent a couple hours at the mall completing returns and exchanges and then saw the new Star Wars movie (I got him tickets for Christmas). We are both lukewarm on the movie, to be honest, but no spoilers from me! Once we were home, we made a simple meal of chicken sausage and baked fries (a mix of sweet potato and regular potato). Yum!

And that catches us up! We have one more family Christmas to celebrate, possibly a fun outing and then a New Year’s Day family party.

As far as workouts go, I’ve been fairly consistent, even on vacation…

Friday: 1.5-mile run + strength intervals at the gym

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 20-minute cardio intervals

Monday: 20-minute yoga workout + 10 minutes of cardio

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 30-minute kickboxing

Thursday: Rest


Hope all of you that celebrate had a great Christmas!


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