The rest of Christmas vacation + back to it

Good morning! I wanted to pop in today to share some happenings from the rest of our Christmas vacation – first half here!

On Friday, we took a family outing to the Cleveland Botanical Garden to check out Glow, the Christmas exhibit, as we well as the gardens in general. Mike gifted me a family pass to the Garden for Christmas, which was perfect, and I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.

There were tons of Christmas trees and gingerbread houses on display – including a house decorated by my niece! – and they were all beautiful, but Vera only had eyes for one…


Winnie the Pooh!

She also enjoyed the trains running.


Overall though, she was much more into the gardens themselves than the Christmas displays. She loved looking at the plants and the wildlife – butterflies, birds and we saw a duck!


We had a blast and it’s a great option for us to get out of the house for a bit and explore.


Our Saturday morning was pretty low-key – I can’t remember anything specific – but in the afternoon we headed out to celebrate Christmas with Mike’s family since his sister and her husband just arrived in town. It was a lovely afternoon but I didn’t take any pictures – oops!

Sunday – New Year’s Eve – was similar: low-key morning, fun afternoon, no pictures 🙂 We went to my mom’s for lunch – her pasta, of course – and then to an escape room with Mike’s family. It was fun, but we failed to make it out….ha! And yes, I was in bed reading by 8 and probably asleep by 9 – the perfect way to ring in the new year, if you ask me!

On New Year’s Day – Monday – we went to my aunt’s in the afternoon.


And I turned 20 weeks pregnant!


Hi, baby!


Unfortunately, Mike went back to work on Tuesday so Vera and I had a girls’ day.


We played hard in the morning, and then I had a meeting with a doula team it looks like I am going to hire to help me through labor this time around. After they left, Vera and I ran an errand to CVS and went to the library to play. She had a snacky lunch – pumpkin muffin, string cheese, berries, banana, peas – and practiced her fork skills.


She does really well with the spoon but we, uh, didn’t have a toddler fork until Christmas – #momoftheyear. She picked it up really fast though!

After a 2.5-hour nap, Vera woke up pretty clingy. Somehow I managed to get the veggies roasting for dinner, but it was tough. All she wanted was to be held. I don’t think she’s sick but who knows….honestly, I think she sensed I was going back to work Wednesday…

When Mike got home, we all had a delicious dinner of roasted tomato/red pepper soup – no cream! – and grilled cheese. Vera ate and loved the soup, which was really weird 🙂

Wednesday was back to it all. Vera was up in the 4 o’clock hour but I managed to hold her off until 5:30…still too early. She had a waffle for breakfast and then ate a good chunk of my oatmeal, even though she had told me she was finished. Oy. And drop off at daycare was tantrum city. She ended up having a pretty good day though, and they gave her these ridiculously adorable pigtails…


We enjoyed slow cooker sausage and peppers for dinner and Vera ate a TON. Toddler appetites are so funny….sometimes she can really put it away and other times she barely wants to eat.

And now we’re caught up! Luckily, it’s already Thursday and the weekend is in view!





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