Weekend highlights: Mommy and Me dance class…and sicknesses

Good morning and Happy Monday! It’s a messy one out there today in Cleveland so I hope everyone is staying safe and warm. Our weekend was pretty low key thanks to Vera and I both coming down with sickness on Saturday afternoon. But backing up a bit…


Friday afternoons with Vera are my favorite time of the week. My office closes at 3 pm on Fridays so I usually head to daycare to pick Vera up early before we head home for playtime.

When I got there she was in her “motor” room playing with toy cars and running around with her toddler friends. She doesn’t want to leave when she’s in motor, it’s cute 🙂

We didn’t do anything special at home but it’s nice to just unwind from the week and be silly with her. 🙂

Our Saturday started off good, with breakfast and playtime as usual at home. Then we headed out for our Mommy and Me Dance Class!


She had a leotard under her Minnie shirt but didn’t want to take it off 🙂

It was a little chaotic with four toddlers sometimes paying attention and sometimes running off and doing their own thing, but we had fun anyway.


Vera was a little quiet and observant during class but I didn’t think much of it…sometimes she’s just like that. However, now I think she was already not feeling well…

We fed Vera lunch back at home and got her down for a nap. I proceeded to eat my lunch….and then promptly threw it back up. I felt awful for the rest of the day, but luckily that was my only symptom. Vera woke up from a shorter-than-usual nap pretty fussy. She got warmer and warmer as the afternoon went on, and we took her temperature to confirm she did, indeed, have a fever. She napped on Mike while I laid on the couch. Ugh.

Then she perked up and asked for “pah-bah” aka peanut butter, so we gave her some of that plus some berries…which she then promptly threw up (all over me). Fun times.

She was settled and in bed, only waking up once around 2 am with a high temperature again, needing more medicine. Ugh.

Our Sunday was more of the same…I felt awful in the morning but better as the day went on. Vera was energetic first thing but got warmer and fussier as the morning wore on. She and I stayed home while Mike went to his parents’ house for the afternoon. We mostly napped and cuddled although here’s a silly photo from her late afternoon burst of energy 🙂


So silly. Anyway, that’s about all from our weekend. Is germ season over yet?!












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