Pregnancy check-in: 21 weeks

Hello there! It’s been a few weeks since my 18-week pregnancy update, so it’s about time for another one, yes?


Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

Mostly, I’ve been feeling good, but days of nausea pop up here and there. And, of course, I threw up on Saturday. Was that sickness or a preggo symptom? Who knows. I talked to my doctor about it on Monday at my regular appointment, and she wasn’t concerned, so that was a relief.

My workouts continue to be consistent. When I’m feeling sick, I scale back with something lighter or just take a rest day. HIIT workouts still feel the best, although I got some running intervals in last Friday and I felt pretty good (except I forgot my support band, so I got a little uncomfortable toward the end).

I also have to make sure to refuel properly. My appetite is raging most days. Luckily my cravings and aversions have mostly settled down, so I think I can eat almost anything, except when I’m feeling sick.

I mentioned that my weight gain has been all over the place in my last post. It seemed to settle down – I was only up a pound between appointments this time. I’m not too worried about it since I’m eating as healthy as I can and staying active. My body knows what it’s doing!

My other major symptom is overall discomfort. I can’t seem to get comfortable for long sitting, laying down, etc. Nights have been rough…I toss and turn a lot. I just ordered a body pillow – something I didn’t need the first time – and I’m hoping that will help. I’m thinking it’s because everything happens faster the second time around so my body didn’t have as much time to adjust. That and carrying around my needy toddler all the time, ha.

How else am I feeling?

  • Anxious to get going with the kiddo’s rooms. We’re keeping the nursery as is and moving Vera to a “big kid” room. We’re waffling on whether to paint it and what color, so we just need to make a decision so that I can figure out what else we need.
  • Excited about a possible trip to Florida sometime in the next few months. We try to go every year to visit Mike’s grandparents. FYI for other pregnant or thinking about it ladies, the nurse yesterday told me not to visit Florida at all because of Zika but then my doctor’s opinion was that only Miami was ever really affected by Zika during the “peak” of the crisis so anywhere else in Florida is considered safe. She didn’t have any concerns with where we’re planning to go. I’d just suggest talking to your doctor, but mine gave me the green light!

I think that just about covers it!


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