Last week’s workouts… + next week’s meal plans 10

Oh, that’s right! I’m back in the meal planning game! I actually planned our menu for this past week as well – baked risotto with greens, carrots and peppers; chicken sausage and sweet potato fries; broccoli lemon pasta; and slow cooker black bean soup. Everything was delicious and it felt so good to be eating real meals. Woop woop!


Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

It was a decent week here overall. Vera is going through major separation anxiety so every departure for work was a nightmare for me. I had a Board meeting Wednesday and was out late but shifted my Thursday workout to be at lunchtime (see below!) so I didn’t have to wake up extra early to workout AND get the black bean soup in the slow cooker. What else?

I wrote a lot this week – not just my weekend highlights and 21-week pregnancy update posts, but other writing, too. Bring it, goals!

There are all kinds of rumors and uncertainty about a possible major snowstorm this weekend, so we’re planning to hunker down tonight and tomorrow. Fingers crossed the storm shifts correctly to spare us!

Check out my recap of workouts and my meal plan for next week – hopefully, there’s some inspiration for you!

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: Finally made it back to the gym! I completed 20 minutes of treadmill intervals (4 rounds on a 1.0 incline: 1-minute walk, 1-minute walk with 3-pound weights, 2-minute jog, 1-minute run) + 3 rounds of strength (10 donkey kicks each side; 10 arm curls with 10-pound weights; 10 overhead presses with 10-pound weights; 10 bent-over rows with 10-pound weights; 10 total bodyweight deadlift with rotations, alternating sides; 30-second wall sit).

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 20-minute yoga workout…sometimes this helps when I’m feeling nauseous but it did not this time 😦

Monday: 20-minute cardio intervals (I was feeling better, yay!)

Tuesday: 30-minute swim –> I need to get back to my weekly swimming sessions! I really enjoyed this workout. Buuuut I had to break down and order a maternity swimsuit – things were a liiiiitle snug, haha.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3-mile run!!!! It was 60 degrees and MAGICAL. I squeezed in the run at lunchtime – in shorts and t-shirt 😉

Next week’s meal plan: 

Monday: Sweet potato and rice bowls – I’m hoping the peanut butter sauce will convince Vera to try these…I will prepare everything Sunday so we will just need to assemble on Monday evening

Tuesday: Slow cooker veggie chowder

Wednesday: Cheesy salsa verde + side salads

Thursday: Pasta with marinara sauce – hey, after three new recipes this week, I deserve an easy meal 🙂

Friday: Takeout

Have a great weekend!




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