Weekend highlights: (mostly) snowed in

Hi! Ready for another week? I am, after a quiet, fun weekend. Here’s a recap…!


The Cleveland area was expecting some bad weather Friday afternoon – freezing rain, snow, the works – so both my and Mike’s workplaces closed early. By the time I got home shortly after 1 pm, Mike had just put Vera down for a nap. That means I kicked off my weekend with a nap of my own. #pregnantgoals

We didn’t do much out of the ordinary after Vera’s nap – just lots of play time.


We all had leftover black bean soup for dinner. I LOVED this soup (I left out the chili and cayenne powders to make it toddler-friendly, FYI. We also skipped the blender, preferring our soups chunky.) I was pretty shocked that Vera ate this – she’s been pickier lately. (On Thursday night, she picked around the carrots. Friday night, though, she devoured everything, even the carrots.)



I woke up at 5 am Saturday finally well rested. I had been having such a hard time getting comfortable, I broke down and bought this full body pillow. It’s AMAZING. I know a lot of pregnant ladies like the Snoogle, but I wanted something that wrapped around both sides since turning over and rearranging the pillows was also keeping me awake.

My morning started with a gentle prenatal morning yoga routine – I was still pretty sore from Thursday’s run. Then I made myself a bowl of hot oatmeal, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the computer to pay bills and write.


Vera woke up shortly after 6 with a yucky diaper. I think it woke her up earlier than she intended because she didn’t want to do anything – even eat – at first. I decided to be a cool mom and we watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse by the fire 🙂 After Mickey and lots of playing, she was ready to eat and devoured her breakfast.

I had every intention of taking Vera to our Mommy and Me dance class, but we only made it down the street before I decided to turn around. The roads were awful and it was a snowy whiteout. It just wasn’t worth it. We played in our dance class outfits for a while instead 🙂



A little later after it stopped snowing, Mike was shoveling the driveway and suggested I bring Vera out to her sled. We both got bundled up and headed out. We stayed out for about 15-20 minutes and Vera wanted to keep going, but I was cold 🙂


And yes, those are socks on her hands because, OF COURSE, I couldn’t find her mittens. 


That jacket though. 


After a quick lunch and some more playing, Vera went down for a THREE-HOUR NAP. Seriously magical. I started by eating my own lunch – more leftover soup followed by some graham crackers (a random pregnancy thing). Then I wrote for the rest of naptime. It was awesome!

Our day finished with lots more playing, homemade pizza (plus salads for Mike and me, and peas for Vera) and bathtime.


My day once again kicked off at 5 am. I quickly put together the batter for a double batch of whole-wheat butternut squash waffles before making my own breakfast of – again – hot oatmeal and coffee. Vera was making small noises on and off throughout the morning, but ended up resting/sleeping (honestly who knows) until around 7, giving me plenty of time to write. Woohoo!

When Mike and Vera were up, we made the waffles, fed Vera breakfast and then played for a bit. I broke off after awhile to meal prep for Monday and Tuesday’s dinners. Vera’s nap was a failure but I managed to fit in a 30-minute kickboxing workout while she rested. Then it was a mad dash for alternating showers and getting Vera dressed before we headed out to visit my in-laws. We spent the rest of the day hanging out there and then, once home, wrangling a cranky-from-no-nap toddler. Fun!

That’s a wrap!


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