Weekend highlights: GrooveRyde, dance class + cooking together​

Hello, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As usual, I wanted to stop in this morning to share a few highlights from the past couple of days.


I picked Vera up from daycare in the afternoon as usual and we had a couple hours to hang out. She was in a MOOD, but we managed to have some moments of fun. This photo is from our Friday morning together, but it is cute so I had to include it 🙂


After I helped feed the kiddo a quick dinner – oatmeal was the only thing she wanted – I headed out for some fun of my own.

I was kindly invited to try out a sample of GrooveRyde classes at their Downtown location as part of a blogger event (they didn’t ask us to post about it on our blogs, but I’m doing it anyway; also the event was free of charge and I received a goody bag after, but no other compensation for attending). We got to try out three of their classes: Beat Box (a boxing and bootcamp combo class), Groove Cycle (spinning) and Buti Yoga (a wild and fun class that combines “power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance + body sculpting primal movement”).


Each class was 25 minutes and we WORKED (I was able to keep up for the most part but modified my intensity and some of the movies – e.g. cobra, LOL – to make it work with where I am in my pregnancy). But it was a lot of fun, too – the studio’s atmosphere and the teachers’ attitude are so positive, uplifting and motivating. I would LOVE to take Buti Yoga classes post baby! Or maybe they’d be up for running a prenatal version 🙂

Thanks so much to GrooveRyde and Alicia for hosting such a FUN event.

Unfortunately, when I arrived home a little after 9 pm, Vera was awake and unhappy. She had been up and down since Mike initially put her to bed, and it took us about another hour to get her to fall asleep for good. Oy.

Since I was pretty hungry and now restressed, I had some chips and salsa for dinner. Balance, right? 😉


Vera was up at 6 am despite her late night, so we had a slow breakfast followed by playtime around the house. She seemed to be okay though, so the two of us got ready and headed out for dance class!

She was much more engaged this week than the first week (we had to miss last weekend‘s class because of the snowstorm). Her favorites were the tunnel and the balance beam (it’s a soft beam barely off the ground). We also had fun marching and touching our toes and waving ribbons in the air.

Afer lunch, Vera begged me to let her Swiffer when she saw me sweeping up bits of her lunch that fell on the floor, soooo we did that for a bit, haha. Then she went down for a nap – much easier than Friday night’s bedtime, thank goodness. Unfortunately, the nap lasted barely an hour.

Later in the afternoon, Vera and I baked some healthy banana bread (I used this recipe subbing the chocolate chips for super finely chopped walnuts and would recommend it).


The rest of our afternoon/evening was pretty lowkey – we had chicken sausage and baked fries (mix of sweet and regular potatoes) for dinner.


Vera slept better but not great Saturday night, but was still up at 6 on Sunday. Oy. After breakfast, we got right into meal prepping. We just purchased a kitchen helper stand from Guidecraft so Vera could start assisting us while we cook and we all LOVE it. It makes it so much easier for me to have her involved and next to me, but not have to be holding her or helicoptering (obviously some supervision is still required, but I think you know what I meant!).


We used it for making both lunch and the banana bread on Saturday, and a million times so she could help us dry the dishes.


Our meal prep involved chopping and roasting veggies for Monday’s roasted tomato soup (here she is stirring the veggies – made up tasks are totally acceptable in my book, as long as she’s happy!), cooking lentils and quinoa and making the dressing for Tuesday, and chopping some veggies for Wednesday.


Vera refused to nap – we try to nap her early on Sundays since we spend the afternoons out with family – but I still squeezed in a 30-minute workout. Once we were all dressed and ready, we visited my in-laws and parents for a bit. Vera went right to bed when we arrived home while Mike and I made some purchases for Vera’s new room. And that’s a wrap!

Have a great week!



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