Weekend highlights: fresh air, date night and Grandma’s birthday dinner

Hello, hello! I achieved my hopes and dreams, which is that we all stayed healthy this weekend PLUS we had some great weather. Here are a few highlights…



As SOON as we got home Friday and refueled with snacks, Vera and I hustled outside. It was just too nice – 50s and sunny – and we’ve reached the point in the season where we’re all desperate for fresh air, you know? So we played with sidewalk chalk for a bit before strolling to the park.


There were 10,000 rounds of the slide followed by a little swinging, more sliding and then marching home (marching and singing was the only way I could get her to walk instead of carrying her, so…I sang my guts out :)). But who wouldn’t for this face??


Mike brought us home Aladdin’s for dinner, which we all inhaled. Vera and I destroyed a container of hummus – I had to eat fast to make sure I could have the last of it, haha.


I was up at 5 am to enjoy some peace and quiet, and writing time, before the rest of the family. Vera ended up sleeping until 7 – wahoo! Later in the morning, we headed out for dance class.


The rest of our morning and early afternoon was all about lunch and a nap for Vera,


and lunch, cleaning the entire house/laundry/other chores and reading/resting for Mike and me.

Then my in-laws came over to watch Vera so Mike and I could head out for a much needed date night! I didn’t take any photos….but we had a good time. We went to Barrio for dinner and then to Edison’s for another drink (for Mike).


Highlights of our Sunday were:

  • Meal prep – lots of chopping, but I’m excited about this week’s menu! Vera helped off and on this week, and I was more than happy to let her romp around and then come check in on what I was up to when she wanted.
  • A family trip to Target to buy new shoes for Vera – her feet are finally growing, they are still small but not as small, haha! – and storage containers.
  • A three-mile run outside! Wahoooo! I went slow for sure and had to walk on one hill and a couple still-icy spots, but it felt pretty good. I refueled with a smoothie (clearly trying to will the 50 degrees into being more like 70 – I was SO COLD after my smoothie) and some reading before Vera woke up from her nap.


  • Dinner at Tartine for my grandma’s birthday.


My brother is a chef there and made Vera this fancy appetizer. All she wanted was the bread though (new environment + a weird dinner time). The rest of us enjoyed delicious meals, though, and we managed to keep Vera occupied enough so there was no meltdown or outbursts. #winning

  • Love Never Dies. This was the next play up for my mom, grandma, aunt and me with our season tickets, but unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly a highlight….we left at intermission. That is something I’ve never done in the dozens and dozens and dozens of plays I’ve seen. It was not doing it for us though. Oh well! Look at this pretty picture of the moon over CLE instead! 🙂


Enjoy your week!



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