Last week’s workouts + next week’s meal plan 13

Good morning! I’m so glad it’s Friday, how about you? I’m checking out the Go Red for Women luncheon today (details on my partnership with the Cleveland AHA here!) and will be enjoying a prenatal massage and haircut tomorrow. Can’t. wait.


Photo by Daniel Kim on Unsplash

What else? Vera seems to already be working on her two-year molars and that’s made her a little pickier on the food front this week. Plus, she was awake at 5 AM yesterday and started making noise just now (it’s about 5:30 AM as I write). I prefer when she sleeps until at least 6, sheesh!

My workouts last week were pretty solid, except Sunday’s run caused a little lingering foot pain. My following days’ workouts were super low impact, but that plus my usual Wednesday rest day didn’t get rid of it. The yoga yesterday did though – phew! And next week’s meal plan is a little loose still. It’s hard to keep things fresh!

Anyway, hope you guys have a great weekend! Let me know your home run dinner ideas!

Last week’s workouts: 

Friday: Strength at the gym

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 3-mile run – outside!

Monday: Strength at the gym

Tuesday: 25-minute swim

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 20-minute yoga workout + 10 minutes of cardio

Next week’s meal plan: 

Monday: Chicken sausage, kale and white bean skillet

Tuesday: Slow cooker minestrone

Wednesday: Vegetable Jambalaya

Thursday: Black bean skillet with cheese quesadillas (we skipped this one last week because I decided to give myself a break from cooking dinner on Thursday)

Friday: Takeout or leftovers



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