Weekend highlights: #ClevelandGoes Red, snack time, treat yo’ self + family gathering

Hello! How are you? We had a pretty solid weekend over here, barring a mixed Sunday morning thanks to some pregnancy symptoms flaring up. Let’s back up a bit though first…


I’m starting my highlights with Friday lunchtime today to share a little of the fun I had at the Cleveland American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women lunch. (As a reminder, I received a free ticket to the event in exchange for promoting it on the blog and social media. Opinions are my own though!)


Heart disease remains the #1 killer of women, but as I learned from the keynote speaker, a big part of the issue is that women are less likely to be referred for treatment and subsequently treated with pretty basic (for cardiology) lifesaving practices and techniques. THAT is unacceptable. If something feels wrong to you, push, push, push until you get the treatment you need. And, don’t wait for something to feel wrong – you can do things today to set you up for a lifetime of heart health. See my post for some ideas, especially if you have kids/are pregnant!

Anyway, I arrived at the event with enough time before the lunch to browse the silent auction items and check out the booths and displays.

Then, we all sat down to a delicious and heart-healthy lunch and heard from a few speakers before I had to jet back to the office. It was a great event and thanks so much to the Cleveland American Heart Association for inviting me to participate!

After wrapping up my workday, I headed off to pick up Vera from daycare. I arrived right at the start of afternoon snack time, so I sat down with Vera and her friends while they ate (and yes, a giant pregnant lady sitting in a little toddler chair DOES look ridiculous). It was one of the most adorable things EVER and I loved getting to interact more with all her little friends. And she got a kick out of having me there, talking to her peeps. Of course, she was SO excited that she took foreverrrrrr to finish eating, but that’s okay. 🙂

Our Friday wrapped up with Aladdin’s takeout once Mike got home and lots of random play and general silliness.


Showing off her teeth.


I started my day bright and early at 5 am with some writing before Vera woke up – too early, unfortunately. Our morning was a blur of play, chores and putting away the groceries.


Snack time!

Plus, I threw some chicken in the slow cooker for dinner.

But THEN I headed out for a prenatal massage – woohoo! I felt rejuvenated after – relaxed, yes, but my muscles felt soothes as well. That’s not something I always experience with a prenatal massage because my muscles need A LOT of pressure and that’s not allowed when you are pregnant. Yesterday though, even the light pressure worked – maybe I just really needed it! I followed it up with a much-needed haircut and a quick trip to Heinen’s. After weeks of deteriorating sleep, I finally slept amazing on Saturday night and am thinking it was because of the massage….hmmm….

In the afternoon, Mike’s family came over to hang out and have dinner – pulled slow-cooker chicken and veggie baked risotto – because his sister was in town.


Picky Anna had mac and cheese though 🙂

Vera loved running around with her cousins and showing off her toys.



This was a weird day. It started off with another 5 am wake-up for me and a burst of energy. I started this blog post and then moved downstairs to start tackling the kids’ clothes. I bought new bins to pull out all the clothes we can hand down to Peter and I also needed to inventory the warm-weather clothes we have for Vera in her current size.

Vera woke up just as I was ready to get started, so after a brief breakfast interlude, we all headed downstairs so I could complete my task. By the time I finished, I started feeling nauseous, dizzy and light headed. Rest, snack, water, tea – nothing worked, I felt worse and worse. The rest of my morning was spent laying down in between (many) requests for something from Vera. After her lunch, she went down for a nap…and I did, too. I read for a bit and then slept for about 90 minutes. I woke up feeling MUCH better, although still a little tired.

My parents came over shortly after Vera and I woke up. We all hung out for a bit and, later, ordered some pizza for dinner. Eating helped me feel even better, and I was bouncing off the walls with energy after that. So strange! I did some online shopping for Florida while Vera played with my parents.

Once Vera went to sleep a couple hours later, I was still riding an energy high. I ended up rounding out my night with a 20-minute yoga workout followed by 10 minutes of cardio. Mike thought I was nuts after the day I had, to say the least 🙂

Hoping my bout of nausea was a fluke and I can conquer this week feeling good. And I hope you all feel good this week, too!



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