What we’ve been up to lately

Oh hi. It’s been awhile since my last post, huh? #oops

We’ve had a fun February and March, with a few ups and downs as well. Here’s a quick recap.

Family adventures: 

Our biggest adventure was a trip to Florida at the end of February to visit Mike’s grandparents. My in-laws joined us. Vera had a blast – she loved the ocean and still talks about her Omi and Opi.



We’ve also checked out some local Cleveland gems, including the Botanical Gardens,


Children’s Museum (x2)


those eyes!

and Aquarium.


A couple weekends ago, I also took Vera to the open swim at the rec center. She loved it, but mostly wanted to sit and chill in the water, which was perfectly fine with me!

Oh, and we did get outside for a bit…although it’s still cold :/


Other adventures: 

We’re attempting to buy a car, so that’s fun. Ugh.

I attended a kickass yoga event on Friday – a flow to the music of Hamilton. I hadn’t been to a full-length yoga class in a LONG time because I usually find them boring. But Alicia is a fantastic teacher and obviously, the music helped. And it was a pretty good workout…I was sore the next day, ha.

Our season with Playhouse Square also continued with Rent last night. It wasn’t quite the same as seeing it for the first time, um, 10+ years ago, but it was still a good show.

Pregnancy/Getting Ready for Baby: 

I’m 32 weeks pregnant today so things are chugging along. I’m still working out five days a week and, as long as I incorporate swimming and/or yoga for one or two of those workouts, I’m feeling good. The doctor says my measurements and weight gain are both “perfect” so, even though I feel huge, I’m choosing to focus on her official doctor opinion.

In general, most days I feel good although my back gets stiff if I stay in one position for too long, I’m still wiped out at the end of the day and I have occasional flashes of nausea (they are usually short-lived though, thank goodness). Typical pregnancy stuff, I guess.

We moved Vera into her new room (we’re keeping the nursery as is for the baby) and that went pretty well. It helped that we chose some of her favorite things to hang on her wall 🙂 We still haven’t transitioned her out of the crib though. Worst case scenario, we’ll just buy a second crib. I personally don’t see any reason to rush her out of the crib!

People often ask me if Vera has any idea about her soon-to-be-arriving sibling. The answer is not really. She kisses my belly and talks about the baby – pointing out pictures of babies, trying to get a good look at babies when we’re out an about, showing me the new infant car seat we have stationed in our living room, etc. But does she really have a clue? No, I don’t think so. And it’s probably better that way, ha.


We survived our first bout of toddler stomach flu a few weeks ago…that was not fun at all, but somehow we got through it without Mike and I going down as well, so I consider that a win.

Then, we discovered Vera is allergic to cashews.


It’s been a long week since our trip to the ER: meeting with doctors, trying to get our head around it, and waiting – and waiting and waiting and waiting – for insurance to approve our Epi-Pen. Vera has been such a trooper, charming everyone in the ER and doctor’s offices, cooperating and being in good spirits. I know there are far worse things we could be experiencing, but it’s still been a little stressful.

Things we are looking forward to:

  • Warm weather – duh
  • Easter
  • Sesame Street Live – yes, we are suckers and we know it
  • Our FIVE-year wedding anniversary (holy moly)
  • Warm weather – just feel like that’s worth repeating
  • This baby arriving 🙂

What have you been up to lately?


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