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Broccoli Lemon Pasta {customizable!} {baby-friendly!}

Simple weeknight meals are the name of the game around here, and I've got another good one to share with you today. Some people are afraid of pasta and all other carbs, but not me. While I am careful to not overdo it (by, say, having each one of my meals revolve around carbs), I… Continue reading Broccoli Lemon Pasta {customizable!} {baby-friendly!}


Simple Potatoes with Eggs and Peas {baby-friendly!}

Sometimes the best meals are the simplest. Would you agree? I think that's why we loved the way Tuesday's dinner turned out. Our plan was to make this potato-egg salad from The Food Network. After re-reading the recipe, however, it seemed a little overly complicated. So, we simplified it by cooking the eggs sort of sunny-side… Continue reading Simple Potatoes with Eggs and Peas {baby-friendly!}


Savory Sweet Potato Muffins {baby-friendly!}

These healthy, satisfying sweet potato muffins are made with paprika and black pepper for a savory snack that babies and adults will love. There's something important you need to know about me. I'm a snacker. Phew. It feels good to get that off my chest.  Seriously though, whether because of early wake ups, long runs… Continue reading Savory Sweet Potato Muffins {baby-friendly!}


Slow Cooker Chakchouka (veggies and eggs)

Sometimes you stumble on a recipe and it's immediately a winner, so you turn to it again and again. That's what this chakchouka recipe is for us. I had never even heard of chakchouka or would have known how to look for a recipe like this....which is funny, because it's such a simple, straightforward dish.… Continue reading Slow Cooker Chakchouka (veggies and eggs)


Mustard-y Lentils & Quinoa (baby-friendly!)

Tangy and satisfying, mustard-y lentils and quinoa will be a hit with the whole family.  Do you have certain dishes you turn to over and over again? I try to mix things up, but I also try to limit the number of new-to-us dishes I make during the week. That's because, inevitably, I fail to… Continue reading Mustard-y Lentils & Quinoa (baby-friendly!)